It’s the FAQs

We know you have questions, we do too. We’ll let you go first!

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers.

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It can be daunting trying something new (especially as an adult) but we highly recommend it. Most of the people that come to us are “newbies” just like you. The vast majority of people don’t know much about participating in circus-style activities – you’re not alone!

Here are a few of the most common questions we get. Have one that’s not on our list? Contact us and who knows, we might add it here.

Yes. No matter what you’ve heard, or seen in movies, Flying Trapeze artists NEVER – REPEAT NEVER – work without a net.  All trapeze and circus arts schools are required to carry insurance and the industry has hundreds of safety protocols in place.  No one at Trapeze High flies without a net and all new students are required to wear safety harnesses.

Be assured that safety is our number one priority! We offer the highest level of safety for your protection. At least three fully-trained staff operate the rig. We are there with you every step of the way. While flying trapeze school is very exciting and fun, the risks involved are mostly emotional. It is an extremely controlled environment, plus, hurting people is bad business!

It’s very important that you listen and follow our simple directions. Our rules are for your safety and our longevity. A few scrapes or bruises, as in any activity, sometimes occur, however we take every possible precaution to make sure that each participant enjoys a safe experience.

Wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothes such as workout pants and tops. A t-shirt with sleeves to protect your shoulders is highly recommended. Please wear pants or tights that cover behind your knee, capri length or longer. Don’t forget your knee-high colorful socks or sparkly clothing if you want extra points! Leave your jewelry at home or take it off before you fly, especially your rings. Long hair should be pulled back into a pony tail. Please bring soft soled dance shoes, water socks or sturdy socks that you don’t mind getting dirty to protect your feet on the net.

No. Because of the timing involved with the flying trapeze, first time flyers can learn several basic tricks without much upper body strength. Of course, the more you practice, the stronger you will become. Flying trapeze is a great way to build strength and get into great shape!

No. You are just right. We offer beginner through advanced flying classes that are appropriate for adults and children 7 years of age and older. We recognize that everyone has the ability to participate in our activities, regardless of size, ability, previous experience, or strength. Our students range in age from 7-82!

On your first day, you can reasonably expect to do these things: Do a “banana swing” by holding your legs tightly behind you while looking at your hands on the bar; hang upside down by your knees from the fly bar; do a back flip dismount into the net; attempt to be caught by the wrists by one of our catchers if you are in a regular class.  Introductory Classes will not have catching. The other elements of your first day:

Ground School

Your session begins with a run through of the safety guidelines and basic take off position at “Ground School.”

Climbing the Ladder

Your personal safety harness will get hooked into the belay to climb the ladder. At the top, you will step onto the platform where your ladder belay will get switched to the safety lines.


You will then jump from the platform and fly through the air with the greatest of ease as you swing gracefully (we hope) on the flying trapeze.

Each student will progress at his/her own pace, according to his/her strength, skill and desire. After just a few swings, most people will accomplish the correct body position to enable them to do a “knee-hang”, which will result in a “catch” by the end of their first class. After the knee-hang has been mastered, the door is open to a variety of more advanced tricks.

For even more details, check out our Beginners Guide

This applies to flyers and non-flyers alike.  They are for your safety and enjoyment.

  • Never go under the net!
  • Stay away from the person pulling safety lines.
  • Don’t stand in the box where the belays land (we’ll show you!)
  • Listen to what the instructors say and don’t make anything up.
  • Have fun!

You will probably note as you arrive that the trapeze looks bigger than you remember from TV, movies and the circus.  And it just keeps getting bigger. The second thing you might notice is that there are people walking, lying and flying around who are absolutely fanatical about flying trapeze . They love everything about trapeze and want you to have the time of your life.

If you weigh close to 200lbs, you must be able to hold your weight from a low-bar for 20 seconds to ensure your safety on the high trapeze rig.

We’ll fit you in between classes if we can… For $15 you can go up and take a swing. (This price also includes “ground school” so you can learn to take off properly from the platform.) Call 619.318.0833 to schedule.

Classes can be purchased and reserved online on our Class Schedules page. Due to the limited availability, classes are not reserved until they are paid for.

Rarely. We happen to have some of the best weather in the country. Lucky us! A light misting rain, is no concern, but if a monsoon occurs, you will receive an phone call before class alerting you of the change in plans or, as a last resort, cancellation. We will then credit your account, so you can take the class at a later date.

We are a small family business sharing our passion for flying.  IF YOU HAVE SCHEDULED A CLASS, IT IS YOURS. We have a limited number of spaces in each class and frequently turn people away when the class fills up. If you give us ample notice (at least 72 hrs in advance) and we can fill your space, we will generally be nice and reschedule you. Classes ARE transferable, so you can always send a friend or family member in your place.

Due to insurance requirements, every new student that comes to our school must fly ‘in lines’.

Absolutely! The more the merrier!

No. While we do love dogs, please leave your beloved pet at home unless it is a genuine service dog.

We will do our best to accommodate the day and time that works best for your group and will work with you to individually to schedule the details of your event. Please give us a call at 619.318.0833 if you have questions or want to schedule an event.

Lucky for you, all that nitty-gritty is on our Pricing page.

You bet. Give us a call at 619.318.0833 to discuss details.

Yes, anything is possible. Clients from the past include the San Diego Zoo, Qualcomm and National University. Setup of a full rig is involved and can take up to three days. The event will be priced accordingly. If you are interested, please email us with the requested dates, and proposed event information.

Sure, we’ll even show you the best angles to shoot from! And if you are really nice to us, we’ll even get the staff all together for a group shot. (Pyramid?) We encourage you to share your photos and videos on our Trapeze High/Circus Fund Facebook page.

Oh yes of course we do! Check it out on our aptly named Beginner’s Guide page.