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Check flying trapeze off your bucket list. . . or better yet? Join the Trapeze High Fly Club to join our community and fly regularly.

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Get out of your comfort zone – and into the air!

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The #1 reason our students fly? The welcoming, fun and supportive community for flyers of all levels– from absolute scaredy-cat beginners, to seasoned circus professionals. Trapeze High provides a safe and unique way to stay active, make new friends, get over a fear of heights, and who knows – maybe will help you run away with the circus!

Look, it’s not just us.
They like it too.

This place was the best! My adventurous girl loved having her birthday party here and then coming back for summer camp!!! Thank you for helping my girl reach new heights!


The staff were awesome. I didn’t feel like I was in any kind of danger while on the apparatus. It was a great experience that I can check off my bucket list.


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